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I'm an Astrophysicist focused on the study of the large scale structure of the Universe and the search for dark matter nature. 

Current position:

Postdoc fellow at Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA)


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Social links:

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                                                    Research interests​                                                  

Merging galaxy clusters


My research focus is the study of the dynamical state of merging galaxy clusters and their application as probes for dark matter properties mainly the speculated self-interaction due to non-gravitational forces. Additionally, these systems can provide details of the hierarchical scenario and the large scale structure assembling.

Weak gravitational lensing


This technique has been proved to be an excellent tool for cluster mass reconstruction, mostly dark matter. However, some intrinsic questions (e.g. weak lensing for nearby low signal targets) are still open and the technique needs to be continuously improved. My recent works have been extending the application of this technique for extremely low-z clusters.



I am currently involved in mapping the dark matter structures in superclusters of galaxies. I am part of the team in charge of the dynamical characterization of the supercluster Saraswati, one of the most massive structures in the local Universe. The supercluster Hercules is another target I am currently working. 

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